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Jun 01, 2019 · PREFERRED RETURN: Investors continue to receive 100% of fund proceeds until the fund has achieved its preferred return, or hurdle rate, as defined in the fund’s offering documents. While the typical preferred return in private equity is 8%, it is often 6% in the case of private credit funds, which usually have lower target returns than buyout ... The FV function can calculate compound interest and return the future value of an investment. The Excel PMT function is a financial function that returns the periodic payment for a loan. You can use the PMT function to figure out payments for a loan, given the loan amount, number of periods, and...Dec 20, 2016 · For example, if the LPs were distributed less than the agreed preferred return in Tier 2, they have the right to claw back the missing amount from the carried interest distributed to the GPs in Tier 4. They basically go back up the waterfall and pour water from a lower bucket on one investment into a higher bucket of another investment. Preferred Return (or Hurdle) Once the capital is returned, 100% will still be distributed to the LP until a specific internal rate of return (IRR) is reached. Regardless of whether the waterfall is global or deal-by-deal, this preferred return is always calculated on every cashflow.